Rael EP: A Distinctive Listening Experience

The launch of Rael EP album under Alpha Music Philippines is just a start of Rael’s breakthrough in OPM. What makes this album extraordinary is that, all songs are original, some tracks may have never been heard on the mainstream but there is a feel of familiarity. There is an undoubted comfort as soon as each track starts playing. I love listening to music, I do listen to random songs of different genres all the time… and I admit, there are songs that would take time to sink in to my system… but Rael EP tracks, I must say, are truly exceptional. Ordinarily, people flow with the music, but Rael songs on this EP album definitely flow with you regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

Honestly, I really had to pause writing the review whilst “Waiting” was playing in the background. I just had to listen to the song!!! It was too powerful that I just got drawn away. As soon as the drum beats started, the dynamics of the whole song start to move me… and I’ll tell you how, the beat, and the tune sound so familiar that as if I have heard it before but actually never did. It is more like you I have met a person for the first time and we get along so well as if we have known each other since birth… yes, that certain feeling is what I’ve been experiencing each time I listen to Rael’s tracks!


Imagine that strange nostalgia, and the words would wrap around your head, then at one point would touch your heart?! That’s because the lyrics are so good that as if it spoke on your behalf. “Waiting” is about the gratitude and appreciation of being with someone that you have been waiting for to be with you, or to come into your life… and that, you are not letting this chance to pass by. As the kids say today …. #hugot! Anyhow, speaking of hugot, and if you are a fan of such, “Maari Ba” makes me listen to the rhythm as I willingly let the lyrics pour the strong emotions that the song is meant to bring. And it leaves me wanting to say to someone “ang sarap mo kaseng kasama” which is a line from this track.

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