MyRadioBarkada (previously known as MyRadioBlog) is an online hub for Filipinos worldwide. Everyone is free to join our small group of Filipino community. We have fun, casual, and well moderated chatrooms. 

If you are not into chatting, but happy to share your thoughts then log on to our online forum where you could express your feelings, and opinion about everything.

MyRadioBarkada also streams a licensed online radio that aims to promote Filipino music and musicians around the globe. MyRadioBarkada Radio is insipired by the urge of Filipinos based in different countries to hear today and yesterday's music trend in the Philippines. 

MyRadioBarkada and its radio are 100% commercial free, and not for profit.

The website & radio maintenance come from donations and volunteers that make MyRadioBlog community truly unique and amazing.

Should you wish to know more, feel free to contact us.

About MyRadioBarkada